About Us

Located in a Classical Victorian warehouse erected in 1887 and originally used as a jam factory, Vicolo Café is distinct in its appearance but also in it’s aim to provide you with a unique experience.

Being Sydney’s only surviving example of a warehouse with a double system of carriageways and a rear courtyard, we sought one of the best Architects in Sydney, Renato D’Ettorre , to restore the ground floor space to create a natural aged patina and rustic interior befitting to the historical interior.

The menu is designed to satisfy you and surprise you. Using fresh and simple, yet classic Italian ingredients, we can guarantee that you will be back for more. The brothers have taken a great amount of care in choosing a unique and exciting coffee blend that has a distinct taste and a lot of personality. Each origin is roasted separately to bring out the individual characteristics. Your mouth will be left with a lingering honeycomb flavour.


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